Our Inspiration

NPE works and advocates for the advancement of gender justice, equal rights, opportunities and participation in the fields of economics and labour market, peace and security, of social life and democratic /civic rights, by primarily focussing on marginalised women and youth with an ethnic background. In addition it focuses on women’s cultural heritage, women in transnational history and themes as ECO- Feminism and ECO-Generation.

“The Universally Equal Living Being” Nusret Kaya

We admire and appreciate the diversity of our global family, that is rooted in Sameness. We believe the true living human being is the spinal cord and brain, universal and equal in absolute terms, “The Universally Equal Living Being with a Tail” , assoc. prof. Nusret Kaya. We therefore work to create awareness in becoming fully aware and conscious of this living part that is hidden under our physical body so that we are not fooled into separation by the differences of our outward appearance. We are convinced of it that when we think, behave and expand from this sacred place of sameness, the lower end of the spinal cord up to the brain, the path to equality in its symbolic and literal meaning, there is no more you and I, there is WE, there is true friendship and peace.

“There is no difference in religion, language, race, colour, but above all there is no sex difference in the true self within all of us” Assoc. prof. dr. Nusret Kaya