Our Work

We are committed to restore, protect, advance and promote the human rights of women and girls with respect and in conformity with their female based needs. We work to liberate them from mostly male constructed systems (systems in which a male perspective, approach and a male (able) body is taken as a reference point for society as a whole) that leave women and girls behind and restrict them in fully participating in life and their self fulfilment.

We work to eliminate societal and institutionalised supremacy of any kind anywhere in the world and expose constructed hierarchies that privilege some over others based on their sex, colour of their skin, religion, wealth, level of education, nation, physical ability or age. Out of these, sex is the primary intersecting force that results in the structural violation of the human rights of women and girls worldwide. The reason why our first and foremost attention is on this group.

  • We are Raw and Real, we claim our own spaces and use our own voices unapologetically to make sure we are seen and heard in our (inter)national lobby and advocacy work for socio-economic changes that impact the quality of our lives;
  • We are the Game Changers, we demand the complete implementation of migrant women’s and youth’s human rights according to international agreements. We target the system and push for systematic change that secure the full inclusion of all women and girls;
  • We are Peacebuilders and work in places, plagued by years of armed conflict to create Safe Spaces and contribute to peace together with local women and youth, for it is this group who bears the brunt of armed conflict and export of weapons most. We learn true resilience from them;
  • We are the ECO-feminists/generation and freedom writers, we show zero tolerance to men’s dominance over women, animals and nature. Our narrative is built on our simple truth that all living beings are born free and equal.