Flourishing Generations

A youth solidarity tree project between the Netherlands and Türkiye for the purpose of contributing to the recovery of the areas affected by the wildfires in Marmaris. A Special of its Marmaris Summit is available. Email to info@np2e.org if you’d like to receive it.


Resignifying the stereotypes of masculinity based on power and aggression and its reflection and expression in the workplace in particular, but also in any public space in general through Emotional and Social Intelligence. Email to info@np2e.org to receive the newsletter and stay updated.

Digigirls4 Equal Future

Empowering girls how to bridge gender-based digital skills gaps, support safe online spaces, and harness the power of technology to advance women's education.

Remembering Srebrenica

Informing and increasing awareness among new generations on the importance of peace and human rights, through the memory of Srebrenica and all the victims of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, mass murders and mass rapes in Europe and worldwide.

DigitAl tooLs Inclusive leArning experienceS – ALIAS

Responding to global need to develop of good practices on digitalisation, and share experiences among youth leaders to support young people on how to live the digital dimension in a healthy and safe way: Ethics in digital transformation

Women, Peace and Security in Sudan

Creating awareness about drivers of conflict and violence against women in war.

Changing Society - New Ways of Inclusion

Informing and raising awareness among young people and youth workers about the needs of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to encourage their integration into European society.